How we handle money - individually and collectively - is central to living full and contented lives, and is therefore a core concern of the Church’s mission at the heart of vibrant and caring communities.

Led by the Centre for Theology and Community,  these study days are designed to help church leaders and others to explore the theology of money/debt and the role of the local church, for example as a diocesan study day.

The one day programme aims to:

  • Provide some accessible and rich theological reflection on money and debt using material contributed by a number of leading theologians including Prof Luke Bretherton (Duke) and Dr Anna Rowlands (Durham)
  • Equip church leaders to involve their own congregations in reflection on these issues
  • Share information on how churches can develop effective partnerships with credit unions and other local religious and civic groups, to work together to increase access to  responsible credit, financial education and money and debt advice.

To register  your interest in holding a study day, to find out more or to ask a question please fill in the following form or read on for more details of the programme (see below) and content of the days.


The cost of the day will be  £350 to cover staff time and resources, plus the cost of the facilitator's travel expenses from London and accommodation if necessary.

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Outline programme (the precise details can be worked out with individual dioceses):

1000 – Gather, coffee

1030 – Worship

1100 – First Presentation: God and the Moneylenders: What does the Christian faith have to say about money and credit? (with Q&A)

This session will will include  video input from a range of  leading  theologians.

1200 – Seeing Change presentation followed by small group discussion & plenary: How are our congregations already reflecting and praying about money issues?

Seeing Change is an interactive five  session Bible Study course on the story of Nehemiah and the theme of 'Rebuilding'. It is designed to be accessible to churches of every tradition who want to explore how to engage with their communities more effectively.

1300 – Lunch 

1400 – Engage in Money Talk in small groups; feedback in plenary

A Money Talk is a simple tool to open up a conversation about money - in particular (but not exclusively) borrowing and saving. It is about listening to people’s experiences, identifying problems and possible solutions, and building a team of leaders to act for positive change.

1430 - Second Presentation: From ideas to action: What practical  action can local churches take to tackle financial exclusion and help people to manage money well. 

This session will outline the work of the Church Credit Champions Network, with the story of a local church that has taken action by offering debt or money advice or supporting a local credit union.  This session will include information on a range of resources available to help engage congregation members in reflection and action.

1530 – Next steps and final remarks

1600 – Closing worship

1615 – Tea


Andy Walton

The facilitator of the study day will be Andy Walton. A Christian writer and broadcaster, Andy has been a member of the Centre for Theology and Community team since 2011, and has worked on its Church Credit Champions Network from its inception. Andy’s publications include Is there a ‘Religious Right’ Emerging in Britain? (Theos) and (with Angus Ritchie and Caitlin Burbridge) Just Church: Local congregations transforming their neighbourhoods (CTC).