John Caws describes himself as a ‘hyperactive geriatric’. At the age of 77 he has thrown himself into supporting his local credit union, Derbyshire based Money Spider.

John says he was inspired by Archbishop Justin Welby’s comments in 2013 about the church offering alternatives to payday lenders.  He immediately identified this as “a socially inspired activity to help those in a difficult financial situation”, and with a background in banking and accountancy, contacted his local Bishop to offer his time and skills.

The Bishop’s office put John in touch with Money Spider, a small volunteer run credit union, who welcome John’s interest and arranged to meet with him.

Initially, as he knew very little about credit unions,  John attended a few board meetings to listen and observe but is now becoming more active - conducting and drafting an investment review for surplus funds, helping at collecting points, attending loan applicant interviews and other administrative tasks.

Since volunteering with Money Spider, John has become aware of the benefits that credit union membership offers to individuals and the positive impact it can have on the community. He was particularly impressed by a partnership between the credit union and a local addiction centre that now encourages its clients to get their finances in order.

John is also involved as a volunteer with a number of other organisations.  His own credit union membership application is in process!

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