From fairer rent-to-buy schemes to new social enterprises, many new initiatives are springing up to offer alternatives that seek to serve the needs of consumers. These are just some of the many innovative organisations and projects  ........................................... 

Please note that by featuring these companies on the website we are NOT endorsing them.


Churches Mutual Credit Union

The Archbishop of Canterbury joined ecumenical church leaders in February 2015 to launch a flagship credit union for ministers and employees of their churches. At least 60,000 people, including ordained ministers, lay ministers, employees and trustees of the churches involved will be eligible to join the Churches Mutual Credit Union (CMCU).


Sheffield Money

Sheffield Money has been set up for the benefit of Sheffield residents by Sheffield people, who are being let down by mainstream finance. As a  city centre based non-profit organisation set up specifically to tackle unfair access to finance they offer loans, savings accounts, current accounts, lower cost white goods and appliances, as well as money and debt advice all under the Sheffield Money brand.

The organisation operates in a broker model for existing suppliers with shared objectives (e.g. Credit Unions, CDFIs and the advice services). An essential objective of the service is to encourage financial inclusion and awareness.


London Mutual Credit Union Payday Loan

London Mutual Credit Union ..................