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July 2017

 Archbishop of Canterbury's Mustard Seed Appeal

This harvest we are asking churches to consider hosting a harvest collection for the Archbishop of Canterbury's Mustard Seed Appeal and for individuals to donate to the appeal online.

We’ve started work in 3 regions (see below) to create a fairer financial system and help people in financial crisis. With your help we can  grow this vital work.

Nearly 9 million adults in the UK are over-indebted and one in four adults have less than £500 saved up to cover an emergency. The money raised through the Mustard Seed Appeal will tackle a serious and persistent issue in this country. 

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How do we make finance fair for all?

Reports over the last few weeks have highlighted a a growing concern that, as wages continue to stagnate and prices rise, Britons are borrowing more and saving less. In an article for Society Guardian Rowena Young, JFF Executive Director, describes a financial system where increasing numbers are struggling financially, in some cases with devastating consequences, and few are receiving the support and advice they need.

The appointment of Guy Opperman MP as Minister for Financial Inclusion, “a senior minister who is the government lead on financial inclusion and financial capability,” is welcomed but, Rowena argues, "if the new minister is to make a long-term difference, he will need to come up with measures to reduce the reliance on high-cost short-term credit."

Read the full article here and then read about how JFF is already working to create a fairer financial system in three regions across the country>>>


The view from Liverpool

Why don't we seek help when we are struggling with debt?

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The view from London

We need to change how we view people who have little money.

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The view from Newcastle

How can credit unions serve rural areas?

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Fair For You beats the UK’s largest consumer credit firms at the Consumer Credit Awards

Launched in 2016, the Birmingham-based NFP, Fair For You, took home 2 awards, including ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Consumer Credit Champion'.

Fair For You is a rent-to-own retailer that challenges controversial companies like BrightHouse, Perfect Home and Buy As You View, by providing lower cost credit (annual interest rate of 42.6%) and not charging any early repayment fees.

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