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Thank-you for taking a closer look at the work of the Just Finance Foundation. JFF is a young charity but it has already pioneered an approach that works effectively both at a personal and a structural level.

If stigma and a lack of faith in a more positive future is what keeps people with money troubles from seeking help, no amount of technical expertise offered by money advice services is going to encourage people to take that first step. Instead, JFF equips individuals to serve as a kind of early warning system, spotting the signs of anxiety and distress among the people they mix with, and finding the words to open up that crucial conversation through which hope and encouragement can be given.

JFF began life as a practical way to realise the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby’s vision so it is no surprise that it that it recognised that churches, other faith and community groups are places where relationships come first. Not a narrow set of needs or eligibility criteria, but the hopes, fears and outlook that make up a life. JFF mobilises these groups in order to reach the vast majority of people living with a debt burden who need, but who don’t get help.

At the same time, JFF understands people living on low incomes often face little choice in the way they use money. Without spare cash, they face a pay-as-you-go premium on all kinds of day to day expenses, from single food servings to fuel tariffs. The cost of finance is no different. For these reasons, our staff also work closely with credit unions and other responsible lenders, to increase their capacity and profile in poor neighbourhoods. This way, more people without access to banking and credit get it, and those paying punishing levels of interest have real alternatives.

To really understand the impact of indebtedness, and the relief of regaining control, take a moment to listen to Hayley’s story below. 

We need your support, and that of many others, to enable this work to grow and begin to reach the scale of response we need to address these challenges. So do join us and learn about how you can be part of this emerging movement.

Hayley shares her journey from despair to hope after she took control of her debts with help from St Andrew's Community Network  in Liverpool

After her husband left, Hayley discovered that he had run up a large amount of debt in her name, leaving her anxious, isolated and ashamed to leave the house.

A friend told her about St Andrew's Community Network where she was able to talk about her situation with a debt adviser. For the first time she felt like she was facing her problems rather than running from them.

'It felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel - like a weight's been lifted'

Today, less than half of UK adults report being able to keep up with bills without difficulty. One in 6 can't afford to make the repayments on money they owe after meeting household expenses and 83% of people in debt simply do not get the advice and support they need.

Through our network we're supporting projects like St Andrew's to expand so they can offer more help to people like Hayley.