As the Archbishop's Task Group on Responsible Credit and Saving publishes a report focusing on it achievements and outcomes, Sir Hector Sants reflects on the progress made by the group through its core initiatives.

The Task Group began its work in earnest in March 2014.  We started by identifying specific areas where the church and its community could make a real difference to helping people manage their money well and whilst at the same time strengthening the place of the church in their community.

The initiatives we selected are ones which can have a meaningful and positive impact on those objectives.

The initiative also generated a degree of enthusiasm and support from the church which truly surprised me.  We really tapped into people’s hearts as well as minds. The two core initiatives, the Church Credit Champions Network and LifeSavers now up and running, and demonstrating how much they can change lives.

It has been an exciting and rewarding project for us all and we look forward to seeing the church as a whole taking forward the initiatives.

In the future I believe helping people to see that how they manage their personal finances should be a central part of Christian life and will become more deeply embedded in the teachings of Church of England and hopefully the wider Christian Community.

My thanks to all those who have helped the project reach critical mass. I am particularly grateful to the members of the task group who gave up so much time from their busy lives.  However, I would like to also acknowledge how much I have been personally touched by the energy and commitment that we have tapped into amongst the church community as a whole. This energy underpins my belief in our long term success.  I look forward seeing the fruits of our collective labour.