Tom Newbold, London coordinator for the Church Credit Champions Network, writes about how your church can start on engaging with money and debt issues. And (if it isn't too soon!) looking ahead to Lent 2016.

The Church Credit Champions Network exists to help churches engage on the important and biblical issues of money and debt in their communities. As a coordinator for the network, I have a desire to see churches well-equipped and resourced to be able to make a really impactful difference in their communities in faithful and effective ways. This is why we have developed the Seeing Change course.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start as a church when it comes to mission. There are plenty of great projects out there to be involved in, plenty of issues to address, plenty of needs within communities. But how do you make those first steps? Involvement with the Church Credit Champions Network is designed as a pathway, where we support churches in the most appropriate way for their context to be able to be missional and effective on issues of money and debt.

The Seeing Change course is one of the first steps along that pathway, and we’re encouraging churches to run it during Lent 2016. Around 100 churches in London and Liverpool have already used our resources in some way to engage on money and debt issues, but we want to equip even more in the coming year. 

The course is five-sessions long and based around the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. It examines the relationship between communities and money in the bible, and how that relates to us today. It looks at how Nehemiah sought justice as he set out to rebuild Jerusalem, and relates this to how we can rebuild our communities in a just way. It gets people in your church talking about money issues and starts an important conversation about what the Bible says and what can be practically done.

Seeing Change is interactive and very easy to run. It’s ideal for use in existing church small groups and Bible study groups, or even in whole congregational contexts. We have developed engaging films and a straightforward leader’s guide to enhance the content and usability of the course. We are keen to enable churches to be able to access the course really easily, so we have made it completely free and downloadable online.

We’d love for you to let us know if you use the Seeing Change course. It’s always great to hear your feedback and learn more about what we can do better to support churches. Please let us know how you found it, or get in touch with any questions, at

The Church Credit Champions Network is run by The Centre for Theology and Community and the Church Urban Fund, and is supported by the Church of England as part of #TOYOURCREDIT.