We’ve been keen to hold an open garden at the vicarage for a while now and the Archbishop’s Mustard Seed Appeal gave us a great incentive to have everyone over for an afternoon tea! We asked folk for a donation on entry and they could have have a cuppa and a scone with jam, cream and a strawberry on top. Underneath a gazebo, (you can never be sure of the British weather!) we had a table of food that had been kindly cooked and donated to sell, including some delicious Thai food. For those with a sweet tooth there were three home baked cakes on offer in our raffle, alongside an apple tart and a box of macaroons. 

We have also given people the chance to do a quiz which has to be handed in by the last Sunday of August, we’re hoping that the quiz might get some other people learning more about the appeal! Church Urban Fund supplied us with some large information posters that we put up on a board for people to consider the importance of the appeal, we’re going to move the board into church so that those who missed out on the garden party can read and learn more. We’d like to give a big thank you to our local Sainsbury's, who were very generous and provided the jam, squash, doughnuts, butter, and milk we needed to have a proper afternoon tea. They are always very co-operative and willing to help with our church and community projects, so thank you!


We wanted to get involved with the appeal because we respect and recognise the importance of Archbishop Justin’s work, and we wanted to help sow some seeds. The letter we received from CUF and our daughter in particular encouraged us to to get involved. We had a great afternoon, it was relaxed and people enjoyed themselves, talked, ate, drank and were very generous. The sun didn't shine much but luckily it was as warm and dry as the North East gets! The children played on the swing and slide in the garden and helped out by watering the flowers too. I would really encourage others to get involved because it’s fun! It brought people together and it had a great feel to it because there was a clear and deserving purpose.

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