What does the bible say about money? How does Christian tradition help us think about money and debt? 

We invited six leading theologians to reflect on the themes of money and debt: To unpack some of the biblical teaching, explain the interpretation of this teaching throughout Christian tradition and to suggest how churches and individuals could apply this teaching today. 

Over the series of four 10 minute films we find out why the Old Testament Laws gave so much attention to debt and the significance of the concept of 'Jubilee'. What the early church taught about usury and how Christian tradition has shaped contemporary views on debt and lending. We'll also be asked to consider our individual attitudes and behaviour around money, and finally look at why churches should be getting involved with issues of money and debt.

The first film, launched in April, looks at the relationship between money, debt and salvation: The biblical picture of salvation, beginning with Exodus  where God delivers the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, is one of liberation from debt . Many of the Old Testament laws  are concerned with limiting the  negative effects of debt on relationships within the Israelite community and in the New Testament, Jesus frames his mission with a Jubilee declaration that includes the good news of freedom. Throughout the bible debt and deliverance are held together to help deepen our understanding of salvation and to inform they way in which we live together as flourishing communities.

A guide for discussion accompanies each film, including key bible passages and ideas for further reading and action.

We hope you'll join us on this journey as the films are made available over the next four months.