When I used to run a busy credit union, Citysave, right in the centre of Birmingham, and I heard daily from mums looking for small loans they could use to replace the broken washing machine. Like many people, even those in work, my customers didn’t have the £300 in savings to cover these emergencies, so couldn’t afford to buy it outright.

I realised then that there was nobody offering people without what is considered to be a ‘perfect credit profile’, a small loan (£250-350), other than payday lenders, and the really high-cost credit shops on the high street.

These high-cost credit shops are the ones who offer things on weekly payments, but over such a long period of time you’d end up paying £000s for something worth a couple of hundred pounds.

That was my Eureka moment! From that starting point, with and a lot of hard work later, came the idea that is now Fair for You.

Three years later, I’m now extremely proud to be CEO of Fair for You. And to make sure we’re kept on the right course, we’ve set it up as a charity, with the trading arm as a social business. That way, I know that Fair for You would always be focused on doing the best for its customers, and not some greedy shareholders.

At Fair for You, we provide loans to buy brand new items at regular prices using small loans repaid on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis on our website www.fairforyou.co.uk. We’re open to anyone to apply, but we specialise in selecting good quality, good value branded items for people who can’t get regular credit, but that doesn’t mean that they deserve to be ripped off!

We look at each and every application on its merits, and loans are based on affordability and payment history – we’re looking for dependable payers, not the perfect credit file.

Not only do our customers own the goods from day one, on much more affordable rates, which they can pay off in full at any time, but they will come out at the end with a better credit profile as well.

We’re a modern, efficient and caring lender that treats our customers well - what’s not to like about that? And our customers love it as this reviewer on our TrustPilot site shows. “I’ve seen this company online a few times and was not so sure about them, but I decided to give them a try. Within 48 hours of making my application and getting my item approved, the item was actually delivered and all wrapping took away. This company doesn’t rip you off like some lenders do and the repayments are great.”

So, if you know anyone who’s just moved house, got a baby (or one on the way), or simply looking to replace a broken washing machine or cooker, and they’re not able to buy everything they need from savings, you might send them in our direction (https://www.fairforyou.co.uk/).